To realize a Next Economy that works for the benefit of all life, we need to collaborate, resolve conflict peacefully and create positive and peaceful relationships in the workplace (and in our communities and homes).

Nonviolent communication (NVC)* is a way of communicating that is based on empathy, compassion, and understanding. These workshops are for anyone who wants to be more effective in collaborative, equitable, healthy work environments (bonus - the skills practiced in these workshops are effective at home and in all your relationships).


This series is designed to help individuals create better relationships at work and organizations create healthy and collaborative workplaces using a non-violent communication (NVC) framework. These skills and concepts are essential for the growth and development of an economy that benefits all life. Each workshop is available as a standalone offering or combined as a series.

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Surfing Workplace Waves Workshop
Offering Feedback In The Workplace Workshop
Staying Grounded Under Fire At Work
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Join us and learn how to surf the ups and downs of your workplace with more ease and confidence. 

This two-part workshop utilizes NVC tools to offer feedback in a way that is authentic, honest and helpful in work environments.

 Learn how to receive challenging interactions with more ease and playfulness utilizing NVC tools and technique.

Navigate complex racial justice conversations with skills that foster connection in high stakes situations in this two-part workshop.

Culture Offerings Workshop Series


Although each of these trainings are valuable individually, we believe that they're more transformative when taken as a series — allowing more opportunities to build skills over time and in community.

To make the series as accessible as possible, we're offering all four courses (six trainings) for $555 - a savings of 40%.




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Phoenix Soleil is a dedicated teacher of Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness. Phoenix teaches NVC with a focus on people using language in an authentic natural way and through a holistic, systemic, and relational lens.

Making space for our own inner judgments, rage, “Jackal” etc., is the key to transforming them and practicing embodied state of NVC consciousness rather than a repressively “correct” mode of communication. 

With a focus on personal development and racial justice, she has conducted trainings for individuals, groups, and organizations like Google, the Kellogg Foundation, and UC Berkeley.

As a practitioner of the Insight Meditation Tradition, she is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader Program and continues to teach at meditation centers nationwide. Additionally, Phoenix served as an Affiliate Trainer for Race Forward, providing organizational development trainings to foster workplace inclusion and diversity.

Q&A and Live Coaching: NVC and Culture

Join us for a free Q&A and live coaching session, where Phoenix will provide a supportive space for integrating NVC into your daily life.

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Q&A Live Coaching Session