NVC Basics For Surfing Workplace Waves

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September 6th, 2024 | 10a-1p PST



 Nonviolent Communication Building Blocks

Join us for an immersive experience in  Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  "NVC Basics for Surfing Workplace Waves", is a 3 hour workshop designed to offer you valuable insights and practical skills in NVC, applicable both at work and beyond.

Self-Connection as a Core Theme: Delve into the importance of self-connection in relating to others. If maintaining your perspective in challenging situations has been difficult, this segment will offer practical strategies for staying true to yourself while remaining open to others.

Enhancing Mutual Conversations: Learn methods to encourage reciprocal sharing in conversations. This is crucial if you've experienced patterns where people later express not feeling heard or safe in sharing their concerns. The workshop will offer you strategies to invite expression and openness in others, fostering a more engaging and supportive communication environment.

Interactive Role-plays: Participate in role-plays that mirror real-life scenarios. These interactive sessions are crafted to help you practice NVC in supportive settings, preparing you for various life situations.

Effective Demonstration and Modeling: Past participants have found the demonstration and modeling aspects of the workshop particularly beneficial. These elements provide clear, practical examples of how to use NVC skills effectively, making it easier for you to integrate these techniques into your own life.

Workplace Focus: We delve into specific workplace situations, demonstrating how NVC can enhance understanding, reduce stress, and foster productive and positive workplace interactions.

Applicable Across Life's Spectrum: While we focus on the workplace, the skills and insights gained are applicable in personal relationships, social settings, and self-improvement.

Phoenix’s style of teaching is focused on the consciousness and underlying principles of the NVC process so that each practitioner can express NVC authentically in their voice.

The tuition for this individual workshop is $100. We believe in accessibility and have a policy to never turn anyone away for lack of financial capacity. Please feel free to reach out if you need special accommodations to invest in this training. 

Join us for this enriching workshop and learn to skillfully navigate the complexities of communication in the workplace and beyond.


Workshop Details

Friday September 6th, 2024 | 10AM - 1PM PST | Virtual Event

Are you an organization with 3+ folks interested in taking a workshop? Contact us for group pricing.

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Save On The Series

Although each of these trainings are valuable individually, we believe that they're more transformative when taken as a series — allowing more opportunities to build skills over time and in community.

To make the series as accessible as possible, we're offering all four courses (six trainings) for $500 - a savings of 25%.