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Many of our Next Economy MBA students, clients, investors and funders have asked us:

 “How do I live an abundant life and a life that is in integrity with the massive ecological and social crises facing our world?” 

“How do I grow my beneficial impact while minimizing my negative ecological and social footprints?”

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These existential questions can seem overwhelming, but we’ve found they can also be exciting, energizing and connective — when discussed in a compassionate space that is rooted in community.

We’re offering this introductory conversation about Next Economy Living as an invitation to explore these questions and develop practical solutions in a compassionate, community oriented space, and walk away with practical next steps and tools to work towards deepening our progress towards a world that works for all, with no one left out. 

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In just a half-day workshop, you’ll walk away:
  • Inspired by Amazing Next Economy Living Representatives who are living minimally, saving resources collectively, and building food security block by block
  • Connected to a values-aligned community committed to this learning journey
  • Having clearly identified your personal “Next Step” and individualized action plan
  • Emboldened by dozens of “case stories” and resources to go deeper, you’ll walk away with a collection of links, books, articles and resources.
  • Rich with templates to simplify projects that can enhance your personal security and wellbeing in face of the economic and social challenges and threats facing our world today

Who is Next Economy Living for? 

  • Someone concerned about their ability to take on life design in the face of societal pressures to consume, be productive, and generate income
  • Anyone seeking a deep, values-aligned community of practice who’s struggled with finding communities of support who share a commitment to this compassionate life design journey
  • Someone looking for a community of practice to find solutions to fears about safety and security into elderhood and for their children and future generations
  • Someone embarking on a new life journey (i.e. housing shift, career shift, moving to a new bioregion be with family)
  • Someone looking to integrate deeper alignment around values and life design with their life partner, and struggling how to hold these conversations with patience and compassion
  • Someone looking for guidance and community around where to start, particularly in an unfamiliar environment
  • An employee at a mission-driven company (like a B Corp) and want to bring the values of your work into your personal life
  • A new parent  trying to be as effective and values-driven as possible with your resources
  • Someone happily mid-career and considering how to plan for retirement in a changing world

Sample Workshop Agenda

Check out the recording from our free intro session to get a taste of what our conversations around Next Economy Living have looked like.

  • Interactive conversation around literacy and language around the barriers to Next Economy Living, areas of collective opportunity, and why this work is most effective when done in a supportive community of practice
  • Interactive Breakouts on: Biggest Barriers, Greatest Opportunities, Workshopping one’s “Next Step”, Requesting Support, Building Community
  • Conversation around assessing opportunities to save money and reduce reliance on financial currency within the context of life design
  • Interactive & Participatory engagement with “The Next Step” framework and a fishbowl to help participants co-create and support one another with their action plans
  • Invitation to a 9-month learning cohort starting Winter of 2024
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What do we mean by Next Economy Living

  • Less consumption, more production
  • Sharing, gifting, bartering
  • More commons, less commodities
  • Crop swaps, seed swaps, clothing swaps, car shares, tool shares
  • Potlucks, home-based small business, cooking, baking, sprouting
  • Minimalism, living lean, saving resources, sharing resources
  • Community mesh networks to provision community-owned internet and wifi, food sovereignty projects, creative ways to reduce housing costs and share housing, creative and novel transport sharing networks, community-based media,
  • And so much more!


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Don’t buy into the “vote with your dollar” individualistic narrative of “go it alone.” Join us to be supported, empowered and to exponentially increase our collective capacity to foster a just & resilient culture, one that has the capacity to transform our economy and benefit all of life.
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“There are so many creative energies that are part of human history that have been lost because we’ve been pursuing the almighty dollar. … We no longer recognize that we have the capacity within us to create the world anew. ” - Grace Lee Boggs