Next Economy MBA:

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For those interested in developing skills and knowledge and becoming part of a learning community intent on transforming the economy for all.


About the Event:

Are you a concerned citizen with a bold world-changing idea?  Do you have a friend/family member wanting to align their work or money with their values? 

Join a free video webinar with the LIFT Economy team to answer all your questions about our upcoming Cohort of our Next Economy MBA program! So far, hundreds of people have gone through or are enrolled in the Next Economy MBA program, growing the network of visionaries who are boldly and radically redefining the way our economy works.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs often want knowledge about the fundamentals of business, but the content taught in the vast majority of MBA programs is based on outdated principles that were developed during the industrial revolution and oriented toward the outcome of producing functional mid-level managers of large multinational corporations.

MBA programs are also incredibly expensive, costing roughly $100k-$150k for a two-year degree. This ultimately exacerbates the cycle of wealth extraction and forces aspiring entrepreneurs to become reliant on high-salary positions to pay down their debt.

The LIFT team has spent 10+ years working with hundreds of social enterprises and organizations that are building the next economy. We have identified patterns that we feel that every entrepreneur should know in order to be prepared for the future of business. 

What is the next economy? Cumulatively, the LIFT team has decades of experience bringing innovative ideas from idea stage into action in the next economy. We'll discuss our observations of the principles entailed in operating next economy enterprises and how you can be a part of this emergence.

What will I learn? During this call we will answer your questions about the Next Economy MBA and cover a summary of the core concepts we will cover in the training.  We will share an example of one of the key organization templates we use in the training and offer that to you free.  

Are you dissatisfied with your existing career or seeking pathways to do more? We'll walk you through the options from career-shifting to working within the belly of the existing corporate structures to effect radical transformation and channel resources towards the next economy.

LIFT Economy's Next Economy MBA is a nine-month online learning course for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn key business fundamentals (e.g., vision, culture, strategy, and operations) from a socially just and environmentally regenerative perspective.