How To Have Conversations About Racial Justice

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Friday November 1st & Friday November 15th, 2024 | 10a-1p PST





Navigating Important  Conversations with Compassion and Understanding

Racism manifests in our lives in various ways – its economic, social, and historical impacts are evident in both overt and nuanced aspects of our daily experiences. Navigating the complexities of racial issues often requires us to step into conversations without much precedent, models, or developed skills. This is where our empowering two-part workshop comes in.

Designed for individuals across a spectrum of professional settings – from business to nonprofits, social enterprises, B Corps, and social ventures – this workshop aims to equip you with the skills needed for meaningful and effective conversations about racial justice. While the content is crafted with professional environments in mind; the insights and techniques you'll learn are universally applicable. They'll empower you not only in professional settings like boardrooms and community meetings but also in personal interactions.

Join us to enhance your ability to navigate and actively contribute to these essential dialogues, fostering a deeper understanding and impact in the realm of racial justice.

Grounded in Compassion and Empathy: This workshop is deeply rooted in a commitment to cultivating compassion and empathy, both towards oneself and others. Central to our approach is the understanding that these qualities are not just foundational but also instrumental in engaging in deeper, more impactful racial justice conversations. Learn how these qualities don't just coexist with accountability but actually enhance it; enabling you to address complex issues while maintaining integrity.

Practical Application: Engage in a combination of self-work and small group practices, applying these techniques to scenarios relevant to your life. This hands-on approach ensures you can integrate these insights into your daily interactions, enriching your conversations with a deeper understanding, broader viewpoint, and heightened empathy.

Versatile Communication Tools for Multi-Perspective Conversations: In this workshop, gain invaluable tools that are essential both within and outside the workplace. Learn how to embody your values in conversations, particularly when advocating for justice or bridging challenging differences. For example, you'll learn methods for unpacking and responding to the judgments of others, fostering more inclusive and empathetic dialogues. This is especially crucial when interacting with individuals expressing pain or discomfort.

A critical aspect of engaging in meaningful conversations is the ability to view them through multiple perspectives. This includes understanding the dynamics of power and privilege, recognizing the four dimensions of racism, and reflecting on your own personal resources and resilience. Furthermore, we will emphasize the importance of empathy and seeing the humanity in both yourself and others. This multi-perspective approach not only fosters deeper connections but also enhances understanding, allowing for more comprehensive and compassionate dialogues.

Foundation in Racial Justice Concepts: While we introduce essential Racial Justice concepts and terminology, our primary goal is to equip you with the communication skills necessary for addressing the complexity and intensity of racial justice issues, and for effective partnership.

Incorporating Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Our methodology draws upon NVC, a transformative practice for speaking and listening that fosters connection, leading to effective communication and outcomes. Regarded as an invaluable skill set and worldview, NVC is a cornerstone of our approach.

This workshop is not just about learning; it's about transforming how you engage in one of the most critical dialogues of our time. With
a balance of theory and practice, you'll leave equipped to have impactful conversations about racial justice with compassion, understanding, and effectiveness.


Workshop Details

Part I: Friday November 1st, 2024 | 10AM - 1PM PST | Virtual Event

Part II: Friday November 15th, 2024 | 10AM - 1PM PST | Virtual Event

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Save On The Series

Although each of these trainings are valuable individually, we believe that they're more transformative when taken as a series — allowing more opportunities to build skills over time and in community.

To make the series as accessible as possible, we're offering all four courses (six trainings) for $500 - a savings of 25%.


Meet Your Trainer: Phoenix Soleil


I'm an artist, activist, and educator with a deep interest in the intersections of community, emotional intelligence, and trauma. I also teach and practice Insight Meditation and am a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is a powerful modality that helps us connect with others and our own emotions and values for more effective and healing interactions.

Over the years, I've conducted workshops and training sessions on communication, racial justice, and meditation for various organizations, including Google, the Kellogg Foundation, UC Berkeley, the Insight Meditation Society, and the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. I also provide support in mediations and facilitate restorative circles.

Since 2018, I have served as a partner and co-owner at LIFT Economy, a worker-owned cooperative consulting firm dedicated to empowering businesses to be a force for good. Additionally, living in intentional communities has been part of my journey. My experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with communal living, collaborative work, and collective decision-making. I am particularly passionate about assisting individuals and organizations in cultivating healthy, thriving cultures. Additionally, I'm deeply involved in improvisational theater, freestyle rap, dance, and writing. Currently, I'm working on an Afrofuturistic sci-fi novel.

You can listen to my engaging discussion with Sharon Salzberg on fierce compassion and self-care at a presentation for Google Talks. I invite you to explore more about my work and insights through various videos and audio recordings available on my website,