Introduction To Nonviolent Communication

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*Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way of connecting that is based on empathy, compassion, and awareness. This one-hour introduction serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the rich world of nonviolent communication. While it's a brief journey, it provides a valuable overview of some essential principles. 

Whether you're seeking to navigate communication hurdles, enhance your connections with others, or deepen your self-awareness and enrich life experiences, Nonviolent Communication offers valuable insights.

Phoenix’s style of teaching is focused on the consciousness and underlying principles of the NVC process so that each practitioner can express NVC authentically in their voice.

Your guides, facilitator Phoenix Soleil and her skilled assistant Shawn Berry, will infuse the session with improv theater, adding a dynamic edge to the learning experience.  Although our time is limited, you'll have the opportunity to practice and get a taste of the skills involved in Nonviolent Communication, setting the stage for deeper exploration in the future.  Would you like a deeper dive into nonviolent communication? Check out our workshops.